Q: Are the additional points for each program's annual review and update available at the time of application, or does the program has to be in place for a year before it can be reviewed?

The annual review date is set one year from your initial application date.

YES: the firm must be certified for one year before the review can take place; hence the review points are not available. Looking at the larger picture, firms that get started earlier in this program will achieve a higher point rating then similar firms that apply a year later.


Q: Can we create a Review Template and set a date one (1) year from today to renew it?

YES: Setting up a review template will not garner any review points for the firm. On the other hand, any firm could ask for a change in application date to a more current date, but the firm's annual gross sales must be amended also for that year ending date. There will be small administrative fees as applicable. This may be of some advantage if a firm purchased a large amount of complainant materials in the adjusted year.


Q: Are all the points rounded individually?

NO: All points are recorded and accounted for, the final resulting points are rounded to one decimal point. e.g. 3.71 will be rounded to 3.7.

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