Why become certified?

  • It is the right thing to do; it is good for the planet, good for people, and good for business.
  • The demand from clients for green products and practices is increasing.
  • It is important to present a united and comprehensive initiative for our industry.


Benefits of SAW Certification

  • Participating in a rapidly growing market segment.
  • Meeting the needs of customers who are sourcing green products.
  • Using specially designed marketing materials promoting best environmental practices.
  • Direct marketing to potential customers.
  • Reducing expenses and operating costs (especially for energy and waste handling).
  • Improving credibility and market perception.


Key Elements of SAW Certification

  • It is based on a criteria- and points-based system that includes some third-party certifications.
  • It is informed by and compatible with other green programs (e.g., LEED).
  • It incorporates emerging best-practice standards that are credible, clear, and measurable.
  • It is open to all companies in the industry.
  • Annual certification entitles companies to use the program's name and logo.
  • Companies and products are certified separately.
  • The program is to run on a cost-recovery business model.
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